Accidents Happen

It's a part of life and even if your car has been properly repaired, is it really the same as before the accident?

Last Year Alone

There were over six million reported accidents. This year it's expected to be even more!

Vehicle Repaired

While car insurance will pay to repair the damage, it does not cover the loss due to diminished value.

Not The Same

Many of these accidents were considered minor but still resulted in up to a 35% loss In the vehicle's value.

Vehicle History

With VIN history reporting services everybody knows about the accident, making it almost impossible to find a buyer.

Diminished Value

Even though your car has been properly repaired, it is worth a lot less. This is called Diminished Value.

This Isn't Insurance

This is an option agreement to purchase your vehicle at a pre-set buy back price.

Happy Customer

Who doesn't want $4000 more for their current vehicle, at the time they go to buy their next one?