There were over 6,000,000 reported accidents last year. This year it's expected to be even more!

Many of these accidents were considered minor but still resulted in up to a 35% loss In the vehicles value.

Insurance only covers the damage to your vehicle. It does not protect you from the Diminished Value caused by the reported accident. helps to protect your investment by providing you up to $4,000 more for your trade or lease when you purchase your next vehicle!


There were over 6,000,000 accidents last year in the US. Over the course of a typical lifetime, you could have a total of three accidents. Most of these crashes are minor.


Diminished value often results in a much lower offer when you decide to trade-in your vehicle. As much as 35% less.


No, this is not insurance, it is an option agreement to purchase your vehicle. Automotive insurance will not protect the cash value of your vehicle. We will, up to $4,000!


With vin history reporting services. it's easy for buyers to know if your vehicle has been in an accident. This makes it almost impossible to find a buyer if your vehicle has been in an accident.


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