Cancellation Form


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Cancellation Procedures:

A cancellation request must be received in our office within 30 days of the requested cancellation date to be processed without penalty. All incomplete requests, missing
information or support documentation, will be returned unprocessed and will delay refund. All cancellation requests should be sent from the dealer and will be processed in order of date received. All refunds are sent to the dealership unless the dealership is out of business. Cancellation requests received after thirty (30) days of purchase will be refunded by using the pro rata refund method, less a $50.00 cancellation fee, unless otherwise indicated in state provisions. The lienholder will be named on the refund check when financing had been provided for the fee. In the event of repossession or total loss, lienholder may request cancellation of this agreement and shall be the sole named payee.

All cancellation requests require the following:

1. A completed cancellation request form.
2. A legible contract with the price, terms in months, and contract number.
3. A statement of reason for cancellation due to one of the following:

Customer Request:
We must have the customer’s signature or a letter from the customer requesting cancellation. The signed document can be a cancellation request form sent with the request.

Contract Payoff:
A copy of the payoff letter issued by the lienholder to the customer, indicating account is paid in full, must be provided.

Total Loss:
Any document from the primary insurance company or lienholder stating total loss, with
customer signature.

A copy of the repossession letter from the lienholder is required.

Vehicle Trade:
An odometer statement or a cancellation request signed by the customer.

Voided Sale:
A voided contract may be mailed or faxed with “VOID” written on the contract. We will void the contract and issue a full refund as long as the request is received within 30 days of the contract start date.