How to generate a Purchase Offer

Click on the "CALCULATE OFFER" button

Then click the "FIND VEHICLE" button

Enter the 17 digit VIN Number

Click on the "NEXT" Button

If there are trim packages, you
will be prompted to select here.

Only valid customers in will appear.

Enter the date of the accident.

The vehicle must have been in a reported accident to receive a offer.

A branded title is not valid in No offer will be made.

Click the "NEXT" Button.

Enter the amount of the repair.

Click on the "NEXT" Button.

Enter the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the vehicle.

Enter vehicle mileage.

Click the "NEXT" Button.

Enter your dealer information.

Click on "GET PURCHASE OFFER" Button.

Enter your title.

Enter your name.

If offer is accepted by
the customer, click
the "PRINT" Button.

Click the "ACCEPT OFFER" Button.

Sign and date the
section (page 2 of the printout).

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